Solutions to obtain value on massive data using products and technologies in the ecosystem to react, respond and operationalize



Cloud computing solutions designed to increase your IT flexibility, reduce deployment costs, manage operations at a global scale



Device-based solutions using web or apps, designed to bring your solutions to market while using top-notch design and supporting global audience



Solutions to improve decision making, operational efficiency, and customer experience by obtaining deep insights into internal and external data

About us

Work with a group of technology savvy, agile and experienced team that takes on small, medium and large initiatives and deliver products and solutions at the highest quality while adding value at every stage of the engagement.

With key initiatives spanning education, manufacturing, finance and travel and depth expertise in Cloud, Devices, Big Data and BI, Terawe creates world-class solutions to customers.

A world - in the near future - where everyone and everything will be connected. Technology improvising and empowering the lives of people in the most remote corners of the world. A world - made safer, smarter, and savvier- with technology and smart solutions.

Terawe strives to create such solutions that accelerate the shift towards cloud computing and integration and adoption of smart devices, paving the way for future consumerization of technology.

With constant innovation and new technologies coming to market, it is challenging for businesses to keep track of these changes, and make right choices for their business objectives. With improvement, this innovation speed is only going to increase.

Being plugged in as a partner with organizations such as Microsoft, and with initiatives spread across industries solving real customer challenges, we are able to help customers adopt the right technology.Back to Top

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