About Us

Our Vision

Empower businesses to successfully embrace modern digital transformation

Our Mission

We bring our customers' vision to life by solving business objectives with cutting edge technologies, innovations and modern efficiencies.

Our Unique Value

We build immersive customer experiences – mobile and social; bridging cloud, IoT,
intelligence and analytics for modern businesses. We bring extensive experience in security,
compliance & AI based monitoring and operational intelligence.

Who we are

Founded in 2013

Headquarters in Bellevue, WA


Industry Vertical focus,
SMB + Large enterprises

Technology Enablement

Cloud Infrastructure, Productivity, Data Platform and Analytics

World-Wide coverage

Support all continents
(except Antarctica!)


Backbone of Terawe

Our Approach:

360 degree holistic engagement

Business Assessment and Technical Solution Alignment

Opportunity and ROI modelling

Implement solutions tailored to customer needs

Assist with production enablement + devops

Augment with long-term managed services