Office 365 Healthcare

Empowering Care Team Collaboration with digital transformation

Healthcare's Shifting Landscape

External threats and internal breaches


Privilege misuse, errors, physical theft and loss represent 80% of breaches within healthcare

Healthcare costs are exploding


WW healthcare spend on the three leading causes of death in 2020 will be $4 trillion

Mobile is changing patient engagement


60% of millennials in the US support the use of telehealth to replace in-office visits

Recruiting a young, diverse workforce


14 million projected WW shortage of healthcare workers in 2030

The healthcare industry is quickly moving towards a new patient paradigm. One that is proactive and strives for preventive, connected and continuous health and wellness.

Remote workspaces made easy

Reimagine how care teams collaborate and communicate to achieve more

Enable team huddles, care coordination, clinical consults as well as academic and research activities.

Extend collaboration virtually.

Retire legacy workflows and enable teams to digitally modernize how they work together.

Streamline education and training with live and on-demand content accessible anytime, anywhere.

Care team insight

Instant, Actionable Insights:

Analytics and machine learning to advance research, modeling, simulations, social listening, clinical trial management

Social Innovation:

Innovation pipeline management, including crowd-sourcing, rating, and ranking ideas and workflow automation

Virtual Team Collaboration:

Collaborative innovation and problem solving, including secure sharing with research partners and remote lab/test monitoring

Intelligent Products:

New service models, drug discovery, product utilization patterns, customer and patient connections

Team huddle Solution components

Microsoft Teams

Chat based workspace that drives the virtual huddle workspace all occurring within a single application enabling huddle teams that span across locations.

Data Insight

Visualize and track how the business impact of new ideas implemented using a PowerBI dashboard within Microsoft Teams, and interacting with the idea board using a Surface Hub during in-person huddles.


Team Huddle utilizes Azure Functions for automatic management of ideas. Azure Bot is used for interacting with ideas and data through natural language within Microsoft Teams.

Office 365

Ideas are organized using Microsoft Planner with SharePoint Team Sites used for data storage. Additional Office 365 services such as Azure Active Directory for identity management.

Trusted Cloud Principles

Our commitments to your organization



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We will help you meet your specific compliance needs



We will explain what we do with your data in clear, plain language


Privacy & control

We will provide you with control over your data to help keep it private

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