Anil Balakrishnan

Brief info

With over 20 years of tech industry experience, Anil has created a diverse and strong team that has in-depth expertise that enables customers to build turnkey E2E solutions for several industry verticals. Anil has a proven track record to generate revenue and EBITA growth, identifying and delivering unique software solutions for customers in a challenging, dynamic, and competitive market. With his extensive experience in creating products and solutions for on-premises, hybrid and cloud services - he enjoys enabling small, medium, and large organizations achieve business and technical objectives.
He enables customers across several industry verticals - including manufacturing with IoT initiative, Smart Retail enabling brick to click conversions, and in predictive machine learning algorithms for key healthcare scenarios. Anil also leads from the front on several education initiatives partnering with organizations including UNESCO and World Vision across Africa, Americas and Asia. He leads Terawe’s mission by providing high value tailored solutions to customers, and empowering them for better sustainability and greater efficiencies - with technology, innovation and strategic partnerships.